Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity

Installing a new bathroom vanity is an excellent way as well as an effective means to provide your bath a whole new look.

As bathroom vanities often can serve as your bathroom’s centerpiece, it is therefore significant to devote your interest to them when doing your bathroom remodeling.

Today, many individuals want stylish and elegant looking vanities. Vanities are come in a range of materials. There are antique-inspired vanities, modern sleek vanities, distressed ones and even vanities that can be custom-built in order to meet any specific bathroom vanity requirements, to brighten up any tired restroom.

Choosing your bathroom vanity

Whatever type you choose, make certain that your bathroom vanity must compliment your bathroom style. Take note that a bathroom vanity is often the first item noticed so make certain that it stays clutter-free and clean at all times, keeping most of your things tucked in the drawers or cabinets.

Before you select your bathroom vanity, evaluate your home’s personal style. Is your home filled with antique furnishings? Or is personal style leaning a more modern look?
Incorporate your home’s general design into your bathroom then create a relaxing space.

Find it in the internet

A huge variety of “bathroom vanities” are showcased at internet stores and this makes it easier to look at different collections and styles to fit any bathroom theme right from your home.

Bathroom vanity ideas and styles

1. European vanity

This type of bathroom vanity is sleek that emits an “old world” feel. Consider using vanity sinks that are hand painted to give more drama unto your bathroom.

2. Vanity sink

If you space in your bathroom is limited and storage space is not a problem, then instead of using the traditional cabinet vanity, you may want to select a bathroom vanity sink instead.

This is ideal small bathrooms. There are freestanding pedestal sinks of wide varieties, such as a corner “glass sink” which is hung from the bathroom wall.
Then you can just keep your bath necessities in a slim standing iron shelving and keep towels in a basket.

3. Double sink vanity cabinets

If your bathroom can accommodate it, consider placing in double sink vanity cabinets. Whether your bath remodeling is for your master bathroom or two kids are sharing, a double sink vanity is really a must.

Double sink vanity cabinets provide enough space for 2 individuals simultaneous using the bathroom as well as it is available in many styles and sizes to choose from.

4 Give them a twist

Instead of using the traditional vanity cabinet for your bathroom, consider mixing items together. Build some twist on your usual vanity and try using any table furniture piece to make a one of a kind but attractive bathroom vanity.

You can choose to put together an iron table with glass top with matching iron-framed mirror on one wall or bring in a sleek steel table with granite or marble top or use your elegant mission oak piece. All you need is a little bit of creativity and just let your imagination soar.

5. Having style even on a tight budget

When budget becomes an issue while redecorating your bathroom, most homeowners search for quality furniture on sale or reduced prices.

The internet offers literally a of treasure attractive bathroom vanities in all styles, shapes and sizes, from chic to country.

Look for unique means to incorporate pieces found in your home, such as those accessories and furniture tucked away in your attic or in your bedroom such as that neglected table taking up great space, but can be a beauty when restored and placed in your bathroom.

Likewise, you can try checking out “wholesale home improvement” establishments to discover great deals at affordable discounted prices.

One more budget saving alternative is to purchase vanity sets rather than buying every piece separately. Vanity sets already include vanities, vanity stools and vanity mirrors giving you an entire set and complete look.

Just keep in mind, when selecting your new bathroom vanity, you should take your time on browsing through different online home improvement stores so to view all the common deals and choose which one best suits your budget and your taste.

Furniture Styles Till Present Day


European: Today, European Traditional style can be a reproduced version of any of the styles already mentioned above-or some combination of distinct styles. Generally, modern European Traditional style will follow the Rococo or Neoclassical periods’ keynotes. Curvilinear designs and dark woods are common, as are arched sofa backs and a formal feel.

American: Likewise, American Traditional style of the present day looks back to the Colonial and Empire periods, while adapting those themes to modern sensibilities. Painted finishes and architectural flourishes, such as spindles and finials, are very typical.

British Colonial/West Indies: A tropical feel infuses the British traditions to create the British Colonial and West Indies look. Wicker, rattan, and other lighter woods (with deep finishes) replace the hardwoods of typical British furniture and lines are cleaner and simpler.

Contemporary & Modern

Urban/Loft: Lines often flare, but keep their simplicity and functional feel in the urban and loft styles of Contemporary furniture. Leather and Microfiber are popular choices for upholstery.

Danish/Scandinavian: The Norse influence in Contemporary furnishings continues with no signs of flagging. Simple, unadorned pieces of walnut and teak are very common. Contemporary Scandinavian designers employ straight lines with only occasional, gentle curves.

Minimalist: Minimalist home furnishings take Contemporary simplicity to an extreme. Inspired most directly by Bauhaus design, simple lines dominate the Minimalist approach. The emphasis is on free space, functionality and economical design, rather than flourishes in furnishing interior space.

Country & Cottage

Americana: A simple yet substantial style, Americana design emphasizes natural woods and deep finishes. Ornamentation is kept to a minimum. Fabrics tend toward muted colors, with a comfort in look and feel. Patriotic themes such as stars and stripes and colors such as brick red, off-white and navy are often incorporated.

Cottage: This variation on Country style takes its lead from the garden and natural surroundings, adding bead board to wicker and iron to soften the look. Cotton and linen upholstery in floral or checked patterns is common.

French Country: Also known as “French Provincial,” this style approach adds a light touch of ornamental flourish to the casual sensibility of Country design. French Country often takes classic French furniture design and lightens it considerably, opting for cane or rush seats (rather than heavy upholstery). Blue, gold and rust are popular colors, and Toile patterns are favorites as well.

Shabby Chic: This eclectic style uses a white or off-white base to complement floral colors and even found objects and folk art. Slipcovers are a familiar accent to Shabby Chic pieces.

Coastal: Reminiscent of a beach house, classic coastal style embraces natural materials and favors a relaxed approach. Some designs include artwork and accessories featuring nautical themes, while others purposefully do not. Coastal style variations include: Pacific Coast design which tends to incorporate Asian influence with deep finishes and comfortable fabrics; Atlantic Seaboard builds on classic Colonial style with louvers and shutters, as well as a color palette reminiscent of lighthouses; and Gulf Coast style fuses Art Deco inspiration with vibrant colors, wicker and rattan.

Rustic/Lodge: Earth tones pervade the color palette of both the Rustic and Lodge styles. Exposed wood, often in light finishes are popular, as are accents of Native American artwork, nature-inspired accessories, and iron-and-wood carvings as accents. Fabrics tend to have a hand-woven feel.


What is often referred to broadly as Asian design points primarily to the traditions and influences of Japanese and Chinese styles. Silk plays a paramount role in the texture of Contemporary Asian pieces, as do mid-tone woods and dark lacquer finishes. Bamboo is sometimes incorporated, as are other hints of nature’s influence. Graphics and textiles often feature cherry blossom and lotus flower motifs.


European folk art and gypsy culture heavily influence the unique look of Bohemian home furnishings. The color palette is intensely, deeply colorful, with jewel tones playing a featured role. Embroidered fabrics and fringed details further mark the style.

Hollywood Regency & Mid-century Modern

Hollywood Regency style brings lavish, luxurious fashion appointments to home furnishings. Overstuffed furniture, lush velvets and thick carpets abound in this design format. By contrast, bold, broad rectilinear shapes mark the Mid-Century Modern style, which takes the Bauhaus credo of “form follows function” to a domestic setting. Smooth, refined finishes are de rigueur for this style category.

Arts & Crafts/Mission

Painstaking craftsmanship marked the Arts & Crafts movement in American home furnishings. The overall design is simple and understated, while the workmanship is evident in the intricately detailed wood inlays and balanced forms. The Mission style added a distinctive Spanish flavor to Arts & Crafts themes.


For a large variety of home furnishings pieces that don’t comfortably fall under any one style category-as well as pieces that blend elements from various style categories-there is the Transitional label. Representing a blend of Traditional and Contemporary styles, Transitional looks tend to be less ornate and formal than Traditional ones-yet not as severe and defined as Contemporary styles. Transitional also can refer to a style preference based on life stage-as the starting place to discovering what style you ultimately prefer. Upholstered chairs and sofas as well as occasional tables frequently bear the transitional title.

Live Lavishly With Moorish Architecture And Moroccan Home Decor

Moroccan home decor creates a balance and harmony between nature and mankind, and these homes are full of mystery and luxury. The wall colors used involve earth and desert tones, such as soft yellows and reds. A common Moroccan technique for home decor isTedelakt, which has been used for centuries. This technique involves the use of a colored paste of limestone and a black soap to render surfaces that are smooth and waxed. The results is a ceramic appearance for the floors and walls of your home. With Barack and decor the structure of the interior involves varying organic shapes. Arches, bends, and other decorative shapes will compliment titles with geometric patterns, and Moroccan decorative vases and other accessories. Doorways involve sheer or luxurious fabrics that are draped as curtains instead of doors, and the reason for this is twofold. This concept not only opens up the living space and gives it a more pleasant feel but it will also allow any breeze to flow freely through the home, cooling it off.

Interior design using the Moroccan decor style will involve a unique blend of cultural influences, including Berber, African, European, and Islamic among others. Cushions which use fabrics that are lush and highly textured are used with Moroccan furniture made from carved wood and wrought iron. This furniture sits low to the ground and is extremely comfortable to use. Moroccan lanterns and other home lighting options include brass and other metals which may be hung up to is hanging overhead or set on tables and other services. Moroccan furniture and accessories involve shapes and forms that include hexagons, octagons, and arches. The end result is an appearance that is both playful and mysterious, with a welcoming atmosphere that will put your guests right at home.

Smells and fragrances are also an important part of Moroccan home decor, with exotic and floral scents that combined with spices and other fantastic aromas. An elaborately carved door made from heavy wood that includes an ornate brass knocker will welcome your guests. A yard full of jasmine and other lush and fragrant plants seem to be on fire from the setting sun, and a variety of Moroccan tagines fill the home with mouthwatering smells as it finishes cooking. The architecture used in Morocco for homes will vary significantly depending on the wall by the homeowner and the climate in the region. Townsfolk with little wealth may have a simple stucco home, while the wealthy may have magnificent villas which are palatial and incredibly luxurious.

No matter how much or little while the homeowner may own in Morocco, almost every home will include a blind indented arch which is very charming. This arch was inspired by the prayer niche, and most homes will also include an interior courtyard which is typical of both Moroccan and Islamic architecture.

The interior courtyard in Moroccan design is called the riad, and this component allows privacy while also being practical. Normally the entrance to the home from the street will open into the courtyard, where guests are then ushered into an entertaining salon from the patio. This allows guests to be entertained without having to pass through other home areas which are more private. The interior courtyard provides sunlight and shade, and cool air can circulate through the entire house while keeping other environmental elements out.

Moroccan home decor is an important part of architecture that reflects Islamic influences. Core features will include doorways which are arched, vaults, cupolas, and other designs that combine function and beauty both. Homes in some of the villages may include walls that are recessed and benches which have been set into stucco for details that are simple yet stunning.

Moroccan furniture and decor can include elements that are very elaborate, such as walls and wooden beams that include carvings of floral motifs and geometric designs. Zellige, commonly known as ceramic tile in the West, is another aspect of Moroccan home decor. These titles can be included on any surface in the home, including the floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, Moroccan furniture, and many others. Patterns which are surprisingly creative, materials that are organic and luxurious, and motifs that include lines which are intriguing allow the Moroccan home to become a private playground. Nothing could be more appealing than getting home after working all day and entering a home that includes Moroccan decor. The soft colors relax you while the numerous plush cushions allow you to become extremely comfortable. Exotic plants and fragrant aromas combine to help you de-stress while light Moroccan music plays in the background. Moroccan furniture is not just used for functional, it is central to creating a home that is very comfortable and relaxing. Moroccan home decor allows you to create your own personal oasis away from the rest of the world.

Moroccan home lighting is also important to create the atmosphere that you want in your home. The options available with this style are diverse, and you will find many colorful choices when it comes to Moroccan lanterns and lamps. Moroccan lamps are unique because they are hand crafted instead of being mass-produced. These lamps include brilliant dyes and handpainting using a Henna motif. Moroccan lamps and lanterns are not just used for home lighting, instead each one is an individual work of art that is exquisite.

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Are You Looking For Aspen Home Furniture?

Aspen home furniture is universally known as one of the best home furniture manufacturers the world over. The company develops high quality wood products and furniture specially built to provide maximum comfort. They create a variety of products classified according to name selection.

One popular line is the Barolo Collection, which features an exquisitely colored collection of fixtures rooted in Celtic styles. The furniture, consisting of bedroom sets, dining tables, entertainment centers, and more, surely offers a complement to any household. The Centennial Collection has a classic European design and embraces the colors and tones of yesteryear. Many consider this one of the more versatile furniture lines. Another option is the Chambord Collection. This line of Aspen home furniture utilizes classic French design, and provides its line of furniture with a warm cherry finish. Inspiration for the Chateau de Vin Collection lies in the French Louis Philippe style, while the Napa Collection owes much to the Napa wine country’s distinctive looks and tones. The Potomac Collection consists of period piece furniture with urban and rural sensibility, while the Seasons Country Cottage Collection is inspired by seaside living. The Weekender Collection is reminiscent of mountain turf and the Young Classics has an unmistakable American flavor.

Benefits of Self Build Log Cabins: Your Very Own Country Home in the Heart of the City

With the emerging consciousness in society nowadays of going back to the basics and nature preservation, the idea of having a log cabin house has taken on a much greater appeal today than in the past.

Traditionally, log cabins were built by Europeans who settled on lands that had an abundance of hardwood trees in the surrounding area. Logs were cut in equal lengths and the ends were then notched in order for them to fit together upon stacking. The spaces in between the logs are then filled up with clay and straw in order to keep our the wind and rain. A single doorway and a few windows, as well as the area for the fireplace, were then cut out from the assembled logs. Most cabins then consisted only of a single large room with an elevated area for sleeping which can be reached by a ladder. The doors and window shutters were attached and moved by wooden hinges. Once the main house was completed, the fireplace was lined with home-made bricks and a mud-and-stick chimney was attached from the outside.

In recent times, it has become a symbol of the outdoors and has come to represent eco-friendly building. The advent of modern technology has elevated the status of log cabins from just being holiday homes to that of a contemporary but rustic dwelling.

The emergence of do-it-yourself projects and easy-to-do kit homes have also become popular because of the low cost of construction. One of the most popular kit homes is the self build log cabins ensemble. Current methods of construction has enabled manufacturers to build log cabins to modern standards and with modern facilities as well. Today, you can see log cabins not only in ski resorts and holiday spots but even in residential areas in the heart of many cities in the world. Now you can have the feeling of having a vacation and being one with nature even though you are in the center of a very busy metropolitan. Interiors can be customized from the largest to the smallest detail, from the space and design of your kitchen and living room up to the kind of counter top you want for your fireplace mantel. The attraction of having a wooden home along with iron-based furnishings makes for a very countrified look.

Putting together self build log cabins from scratch can be done but may be more expensive than choosing and purchasing a pre-fabricated kit home. Aside from the basic or standard homes, many kit home providers can customize your cabin house to your own specifications. So whether you prefer a two-storey cabin or a five-bedroom house, choosing the right outfit to put together your dream home can take out the stress from planning and constructing a personalized dwelling.

Aside from having the most picturesque abode in the block, having a cabin house assures you that your home is built to last. If constructed properly, it is one of the most durable lodgings that one can ever own. Many people who have built log cabins for their holiday houses eventually end up moving there permanently because of the appeal that a nature-inspired dwelling brings.

Get a European Country Look in Your Home

If you find traditional furniture too formal for your lifestyle or home and contemporary furniture too…well…contemporary, you might consider a country look. Before images of knotted chairs bound with rope and twiggy tables leap to mind, take inventory of all the alluring country styles on our website. Country furniture started out as practical and utilitarian versions of traditional court furniture for the populace, and retained charm and beauty in its new incarnations. A majority of popular styles, like Mission or French Provincial, are far from rustic, and provide comfort and durability that turn your home into a welcoming haven from the hectic, modern world outside.

English Country

This is a handy catch-all phrase for the multitude of styles that stemmed from English country living. However, an underlying trait these styles share is the use of more cost effective and indigenous materials like oak, ash and elm mixed with some walnut and mahogany pieces. Far from the elaborate pieces seen in English salons, the construction was more functional and less ornate.

French Provencal/Country

The variety of designs that make up French Provencal furniture are indicative of the varied lifestyles of France’s 18th and 19th century middle and lower classes. Some French Provencal styles evolved as simpler, locally crafted versions of French Court furniture built for wealthier landowners and merchants desiring trendy home furnishings. Other styles were original to the provinces that nurtured an aesthetic and functional ideal far removed from what was happening in the vogue epicenter of Paris palaces. Despite this, there are some general characteristics that these styles share. Decoration is simple, but nevertheless charming and graceful, with splats, painting, and bas relief carvings. Craftsmen used walnut, ash, poplar, chestnut and fruit woods like cherry and pear to construct the furniture, and often included marble or wrought iron embellishments.

Spanish Colonial (1600-1840) -While Spanish Colonial furniture took inspiration from traditional furniture, it was also shaped by Spanish Catholicism, with furnishings often destined for churches and monasteries as well as ranches and homes. Mesquite, cedar, walnut and cypress woods were used to construct refectory tables that sported lyre-legs, along with chests and other pieces. In rural areas, locals adapted these designs to suit their more practical needs and simple tools, constructing flat paneled, slated furniture with A-frame legs. Popular today in ranch-style and colonial homes, the furniture’s versatile, sturdy style blends well with the life of the busy individual.

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Vintage Asian Style: Re-Invent Your Home

Asian design has become a popular interior design trend in America and Europe. It’s graceful, elegant, exotic — a great way to add flair to your home. Some people carry the theme throughout the home, while others devote it to a special room — a Pan-Asian living room, a Chinese boudoir.

There’s no shortage of home decorating television programs and easy-to-find books that can give you pointers to adding a little oriental mystique to your living room. Perhaps the trend is becoming too common?

That’s why I’m going to help you take your style factor to the next level. These vintage Asian style pointers will leave your friends in awe of your decorating creativity.

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration

The creative process begins with a spark. Here is how to find yours. Start by immersing yourself in the world of Asian vintage. Asia is a huge continent, and vintage, well, that could mean almost any time period. You’ll need to narrow it down and find a time or place that sings to you.

Will you go bold and sleek with vintage Chinese propaganda posters and furniture that mirrors the illustrations’ clean lines and color blocks? Are you going to go Colonial Indochina, merging 1940s and 50s French elegance with tropical Vietnamese pastels? Classical Siamese dream with golden accents and a few stunning antiques? Asia mod with a retro-pop theme?

The internet is a great place to explore the design possibilities. Start by browsing informational websites on vintage Asian style. You will find many wonderful objects and images for inspiration. Then look at the websites of Asian heritage hotels. Most of them have dedicated photo libraries online where you can browse through their rooms and soak up their atmosphere and interior design aesthetics. You can even find wonderful inspiration in modern Asian design hotels, as they often appropriate traditional local style and interesting vintage items in contemporary ways.

A lot of “professional” Asian style design outside of Asia unfortunately relies too heavily on cliche. This is because all too often the designers are not really intimately familiar with Asia so they have a much smaller range of references to draw from. You can find so much more inspired work in Asia itself because the designers are either Asian themselves (and born in Asia, not in Kansas!) or foreign designers who are long-term residents and surrounded by a wealth of real-life design references on a daily basis.

When you find an era, a place, or an aesthetic that moves you, it’s time to source your star pieces of decor.

Step 2: Source your Design Stars

Where are you ever going to find all the materials for your Tokyo Time Warp living room? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.

First of all, a few signature pieces go a long way. You don’t need to buy all imported antique furniture and source vintage fabrics for every soft spot plus find paint that’s been sitting in an Osaka warehouse since 1932. Concentrate on your room highlights.

You can find tons of vintage Asian illustrations, prints and posters to order online. There’s a wide selection of beautiful reproductions only a few clicks away.

To go for original objects, visit your local or virtual Asian antiques dealers. You may decide to purchase an exquisite vase, sculpture, table, porcelain ware, or other specialty piece. These can be a good investment, as well as a joy to own. There are some deals, but if all the objects you are interested in possess too hefty a price tag, then Etsy can be much more affordable. Etsy is also a better source for retro or vintage Asian decor, as opposed to older antiques.

Step 3: Design Your Supporting Cast

Build a vintage Asian supporting cast with local materials and furnishings. Paint is paint. To a certain extent, fabric is fabric. Locally bought non-Asian items can still work beautifully in your Asian concept. Just know what color schemes and textures you want to go for. Decide upon a color scheme and textures or materials that will complement your design stars.

Sometimes a carefully placed splash of color can do wonders for the entire space. Red is an extremely popular color in China as well as many other Chinese influenced areas of Asia such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. How about one red wall? It’s bright and energetic, without being as overpowering as four walls of fire engine, and it makes a wonderful backdrop for a painting or artfully arranged objects such as masks or wood carvings. Deep purple can also have a very Asian feel.

Alternately, go light, white and airy for the tropics. Or lush, green and vibrant floral. If you’re doing a Colonial-era theme (most of tropical Asia spent time under European domain), then classic Western furniture will look right at home.

Dark hardwoods can also evoke Asia. A large folding screen is quintessentially Chinese. Cushions are another way to add an Asian touch. You can go for silk — what else says Asia as well — though many cushions in other fabrics can also have a strong Asian vibe depending on their design.

The final touches? Soft accents like fragrance, sound, and flavor. An essential oil burner with a fragrance like lemongrass or ylang-ylang will do wonders. The bubbling sound of a fountain will Zen your surroundings to perfect peace. A bowl of Asian sweets from your local Asian grocer is a nice touch, and when entertaining or enjoying the room solo, a pot of green tea will transport you to the time and place of your choosing. Happy decorating!

For a great resource for inspiration, visit the Vintage Asian website, an online gallery of beautiful objects, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and more.

Transitional Chandeliers – Add Life and Elegance to Your Home

Having a big and spacious home sometimes makes it difficult to furnish because of the many places to decorate and to create depth and quality to every square meter. Just imagine having a big living room and kitchen with plenty of opportunities to put tables and chairs or even various light fixtures to provide proper lighting to areas of your house, then there’s the dilemma of having a high ceiling, do you want an adequate lightning solution that provides light to areas of interest in your house that also adds to its aesthetic value? Then get light conducive light fixtures like a chandelier.

A good brand when it comes to providing great chandeliers is Transitional chandeliers, you can get medium sized chandeliers constructed with glass or large ones with perfect elegance constructed with bronze and crystals that are perfect for the aesthetic person in you. To look for the best ones for your home simply get online and take a look at their product catalog and choose the ones that fit your home.

You can even seek advice from fellow homeowners who are lighting fixture buffs or even an interior designer for tips on getting the best chandelier that is good for areas inside your home be it the kitchen or the living room. Just imagine grandeur lights welcoming you when you get home thanks to Transitional chandeliers that you bought. You’ll feel like royalty and have added life and elegance to your home with chandeliers and you don’t even have to go to European countries just to marvel at the design because you have one right at your home.

Just always be sure to get a chandelier that best suits your house’s interior and theme, if you have a rustic and Italian inspired design then get one that compliments the Italian theme too or get a traditional one for your traditional American designed home.

Also better be prepare to shell out some bucks for the best chandelier so get in touch with Transitional chandeliers sales or retail stores for pricing.

Interesting And Practical French Country Home Accessories

Rooms that are decked out in French country home accessories offer an ambiance that is welcoming, warm, and rustic. If you are tired of your modern contemporary interior decor, the following ideas and suggestions should allow you to create a traditional Gallic themed home for the least amount of expense and investment.

A typical country house located in rural France would feature a selection of bold colors such as yellows, blues, and reds. Search for fabrics, wallpaper, and furnishings that utilize these colors.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to visit France, and have spent time in a traditional home, you will know that stone floors are common in this part of the world. If you do not have the means, space, or budget to invest in a flagstone floor, wood or brick can be interesting alternatives. Very few homes in France would have wall to wall carpeting, consider what type of flooring would best match your design ideas. A few well placed rugs can add to a room’s overall charm.

A typical French country home would be characterized by an assortment of tables, chairs, and cupboards. Hand carved wooden furnishings are a common sight in old European houses. You can search online classified ad websites as well as auctions and second hand furniture stores for suitable items.

There are almost no end of accessories and extras that can help in creating a Gallic atmosphere in your residence. You should not have too much difficulty locating an assortment of traditional woven baskets, ceramic pottery, copper pots, and old vases that add an elegant finish. Choose an assortment of decorations for the walls that create the impression of being in a tranquil corner of France. Prints and pictures that depict rural scenes are a popular choice.

Lighting is another area that would need some thought. The right choice of lampshades and chandeliers can transform the way a room feels. Consider what colors and designs would best match the rest of your decor. A few well placed mirrors can also add to the overall effect.

If you are not sure of what type of items would be found in a typical country cottage in rural France, you can look online for French country home accessories and get some inspiration. By carrying out an image search you can be presented an almost unlimited number of ideas for decorating your home. You may also find retailers online that sell furnishings and accessories that have a French theme.

For Your Home Or Office, DMI Office Furniture Offers Quality and Style at an Affordable Price

DMI offers a wide range of choices from the office to the home office furniture made from fine veneer and selected quality woods for durability and functional furnishings all at discounted prices. Styles and designs vary from classical and traditional, contemporary and transitional, and small home office space. All furniture designs are protected by DMI’s top guard finishing to protect desks from scratches and stains and all surfaces are thermally fused.

Traditional and classical home office series is composed of Ambassador style a traditional home office furniture collection with high pressure laminated tops; Andover style a traditional design combined with ultimate comfort showcasing a beautiful Sherwood mahogany finish; Governor style a classic traditional design embraced with decorative wood accent moldings, modesty panels, and decorative swinging bail hardware for a rich traditional look; Keswick style an unmatched luxury in traditional veneer designs of extensive home office furnishings in English cherry finish; Oxmoor style a most impressive design with its finely tuned balance of design and functions expressing an elegant traditional style in merlot cherry finish.

Contemporary and transitional home office series is composed of Americus style a distinct transitional design inspired by Art Deco in rich mahogany finish with book match crotch mahogany tops and walnut borders; Summit Reed style a contemporary modified reed edge with split nickel hardware that gives a variety of office work surfaces in sunset cherry finish; Summit cope style a contemporary design created for modularity featuring radius coped edge with curved nickel hardware; Belevedere style a distinctive design that gives a contemporary sophisticated look featuring figure book-match Anigre veneers; Pimlico style a style in mocha finish featuring edges with angles slightly recessed and the tops are separated from the chassis and enhanced with satin aluminum lines that compliments the satin nickel drawer pulls; Eclipse style a simple transitional sophistication in warm cherry finish for full comfort and convenience with its pull-up conference table and bow front desktops; Belmont style in cherry veneer a transitional style crafted with elegance; Del Mar style features multi-function facilities influenced by the Shaker style switching the traditional office environment into a transitioned one.

Small home office series is composed of Antigua style with enchanting details but casual elegance suitable for small spaces; Balmoor style a modern-day design based on old-European settings; Carrington style with aristocratic details completely fits your small home office; Estes Park style a design crafted from oak solids and veneers; Fifth Avenue style a traditional and contemporary design combined together to conveniently accommodate home office equipments; Keeneland style a traditional and transitional collection of home office elegant furniture; Midlands style expresses simplicity is beauty in cured oak finish design for simple furnishings suited for a full-functional home office; Rue de Lyon style a design with extra furnishings for any kind of home office requirements; Windermere style a conservative type of design but with visible distinct details and functional furnishings; Writing desks style includes Adams writing desk and Madison writing desk for home office settings.

DMI office furniture can accommodate all kinds of office requirements whether it is located at the office or at the comfort of your home.